Protect Your Motorhome from Theft: Tips for Southern California RV Owners

Owning a motorhome in Southern California offers a unique blend of freedom and adventure, allowing you to explore stunning coastlines, picturesque deserts, and scenic mountain ranges. However, this valuable asset also comes with the risk of theft. As your local independent insurance agent and advisor, I understand the importance of protecting your motorhome against potential […]

Exploring the Dunes: Do You Need Insurance for Your RZR (Desert Toys) in California?

California’s diverse landscape offers a paradise for off-road adventurers, especially those with desert side-by-side (SxS) vehicles, Sand rails, ATV’s and others. These rugged machines are perfect for exploring the desert terrain, from sand dunes to rocky trails. However, before you hit the dunes and embark on your next desert adventure, you might be wondering: Do […]