According to a recent Fox News report, more than 500,000 cars in Houston were damaged by Hurricane Harvey. As many as half of them could soon be for sale in a used car lot. cites an early 2017 statistic (prior to recent hurricanes) that just over 325,500 flooded cars are back in use nationwide, with thousands of them in California.

Why is this important to know? Water damage affects a vehicle’s mechanical, electrical and safety systems and can quickly make a car inoperable.  Water damage is unpredictable and can take up to a year to affect a car.  Water can also be a health issue.  Where there’s water, there’s the potential for mold.

How do you protect yourself? Know how to recognize a flood damaged vehicle.  The following links provide excellent tips and checklists for consumers:

You can also go to to see if flood damage was reported for a specific vehicle. Further questions?  Give us a call at (714) 968-8008.